The story of our Lakeside subdivision developed by is a tale of turning a hidden gem of a property into a thriving community. Situated on a 600+ acre peninsula banked on Oklahoma’s largest lake, Lake Eufaula, this property was passed down generations but had never been released for public sale. With the expertise and vision of the LandFix team, this property was transformed into Eufaula Lake Private Estates, a premier subdivision that offers unparalleled lakeside living, the freedom of building without restrictions and for many the first chance at land ownership.

The process of creating Eufaula Lake Private Estates began with the subdivision process. The LandFix team subdivided the property into 89 tracts of land ranging from 1-15 acres in size. As the subdividing began we started to encounter the first of the many stunning lake views the property has to offer. Once the subdivision was complete, the team began clearing and stoning nine gravel roads to provide easy access to all 89 lots.

After many of the other necessary improvements were made such as completing land surveys, our subdivision was filed and recorded with Pittsburgh County in McAlester, Oklahoma and the development now known as Eufaula Lake Private Estates was officially born! Our team then began marketing and selling the property. In under 12 months, over 30% of the property had been sold, with many families, developers and investors purchasing tracts of land in the development. The early buyers are pleased to see that their investment is already paying off, as the the property value continues to increase as more improvements and amenities are made to the property.

LandFix has made a commitment to protecting our buyers’ investments, which is why we continue to invest in this development. One of the most significant improvements we are now making is running electricity throughout the subdivision. With this newest addition, we expect to see another 30% increase in property value, which will be beneficial for all of the current and future property owners.

The success of Eufaula Lake Private Estates is a testament to the LandFix team’s dedication and our property owner’s trust in us as a development team. We are proud to have taken this until now, obscure piece of land that had never been developed and now in the process of transforming it into a thriving lakeside community that not only offers some of the most beautiful lakeside living in Oklahoma but a special place where many will lay their roots for generations to come. With the continued improvements to the development, it’s easy to see why Eufaula Lake Private Estates will continue to be a highly sought-after location for families and investors alike.


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