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Research Your Shelter

Do-it-yourself log cabins from local timber or pre-made kits are one possibility. “Tiny houses” are the next most popular option, and they come with an added benefit; they are moveable! Whether you preplan your survival relocation or have a nearby but safe retreat, cabin/shelter life will be vastly different from what is normal today.  Your shelter will have to have the means nearby to provide the materials for daily life and for winter and seasonal weather changes.

Find your water source

One of the most significant challenges that you’ll have to deal with is sourcing safe, clean water. When you choose a site to start your life away from it all, remember to choose somewhere with access to relatively clean flowing water. It’s also important to note that the water you pump from a natural source can be used for irrigation and garden-related tasks, but you shouldn’t attempt to drink it or wash in it.
Check out this article for more information about inexpensive DIY or partially DIY options out there that allow for cheap and accessible clean safe drinking water to off grid properties.

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You Still Need Electricity

Setting up a way to harness electricity is a crucial step to living off the grid. Solar Panels can be your most valuable investment. Plus With the costs of solar and storage as low as they currently are, most homeowners can save tens of thousands of dollars when they generate their own energy instead of relying on public utilities.

The single most important part to successful off grid living, is the land.

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