LandFix - 1We make land affordable to everyone

LandFix - 1
We make land affordable to everyone

A land we can call our own is one of the most valuable things we can secure in our lives. We all know the importance of having the space we need to do the things that we like. Having the right land for sale allows us to accomplish activities for recreational, agricultural, commercial, and other purposes.

If you’re looking to own land for any of the above-mentioned reasons, then you should have a reputable partner at your side that can provide you with the rural land that you need.

LandFix offers owner-financed land for sale in Oklahoma that you can pre-order today. With financial assistance from the owner, this means that all applicants are 100% guaranteed financing on lands as little as 2 to as many as 30 acre lots.

**Disclaimer: LandFix is not a mortgage company. We only offer owner financing to customers who purchase land through us.

LandFix - 1Our Financing Plans


$199Down Payment
  • $200 Application Fee
  • 10.99% Interest Rate
  • No Credit Check


5%Down Payment
  • $200 Application Fee
  • 9.99% Interest Rate
  • No Credit Check


10%Down Payment
  • $200 Application Fee
  • 8.99% Interest Rate
  • No Credit Check


20%Down Payment
  • $200 Application Fee
  • 7.99% Interest Rate
  • No Credit Check

LandFix specializes in helping people find the land they want while providing them a means to own these lots. That’s why we are proud to offer our applicants guaranteed financing on the properties that have caught their attention. If you have any questions regarding the land that we sell, you’re free to contact our team who will readily provide you with the answers you seek. Our staff will always be willing to answer your inquiries as we want all of our clients to be well-informed before they make their final decision.

As a trusted land provider, we ensure that the whole payment process will go as smoothly as possible. You don’t need to worry about going through an auction for the properties you want. Each parcel of land for sale we provide to you is ready to be owned. Furthermore, our expert team will keep track of your purchase and complete nearly all of the paperwork for you. Besides saving time, it also makes the purchasing experience much more straightforward and enjoyable.

No Credit Checks

We don’t like to live in the past, so here is to a fresh start! We promise not to run a single check on your Credit!

Low Monthly Payments

By spreading your payments across a longer timeframe, we’ve made it possible for nearly everyone to afford!

Guaranteed Approved

You heard it right, we already said yes! So what are you waiting for?!

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