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Due to increasing demand, we are allowing the ability to reserve any one of these amazing tracts of land, located less than 300' from Lake Eufaula! If you decide to reserve a lot, please understand that the land is currently being developed, and we are working with our team of Dozers and Surveyors to quickly finalize and establish this new subdivision. These lot sizes are an estimate, and may vary slightly from the end result. If you are unhappy with the variance, we can easily help you connect with a tract of land that better fits your situation!

Lot Details

Lot #AcresUtilitiesPriceMore Details
Lot 11 acSOLD
Lot 21 acSOLD
Lot 31 ac$329/moPRE-ORDER >
Lot 41 acSOLD
Lot 51 ac$329/moPRE-ORDER >
Lot 61 ac$329/moPRE-ORDER >
Lot 71 ac$329/moPRE-ORDER >
Lot 81 acSOLD
Lot 91.6 acSOLD
Lot 111 acSOLD
Lot 121 acSOLD
Lot 131 acSOLD
Lot 141 acSOLD
Lot 151 acSOLD
Lot 161 acSOLD
Lot 171 acSOLD
Lot 181 acSOLD
Lot 191.2 acSOLD
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